Floor Tile Installation Services

floor tile installationTile Floors-A Smart Choice

Tile floors are one of the most durable choices when it comes to flooring. There are literally thousands of tile types to choose from in hundreds of sizes and designs.  At TileKC.com, we can not only help you choose the right tile for your home, we will make sure it’s installed right.  Whether you’re tiling a small bathroom or a large family room, we’ll make sure you’re happy with the end result.

Free In-Home Estimates

We start the process with a free estimate.  We’ll come to your home with samples for you to see. We will determine your square footage so we know how much tile you will need. Tile comes in sizes from ½” square to 20” square.  The size of the squares can change the feel of the entire room.  Sometimes lots of smaller tiles make the room look too busy.  The trend today is toward larger tiles to create a more open and airy feel.  We can give you some good guidelines to follow to make sure your room turns out exactly the way you picture it.

Expert Tile Installation

When it comes to tile floors, the installation of the tile is more critical to the end result than even the type of tile you choose.  That’s why hiring a professional tile company like TileKC.com is a smart idea.  Our TileKC.com installers are skilled and experienced.  Your tile floor will have the look and quality you desire.  We know which type of adhesives, to use on which substrates, the pros and cons of different types of tile, and much more.  You can be sure that your floor will look professional and beautiful.

Outdoor Floor Tile Installation

Tile floors aren’t just for indoors.  Tile is the ideal medium for patios and pool decks and with the trend these days toward outdoor rooms and kitchens, it’s the perfect way to bring a little of your inside style outside.  We can help you choose the right kind of tile for outdoor durability and weather resistance.

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